Friday, June 13, 2008

Moving Woes

I am changing schools for this next 2008-2009 school year, and I have to say moving is a pain. I finally got my class packed up and ready to go, so Jerry and I went and moved all my stuff to Spanish Oaks (my new school). Imagine my delight when I arrive and there is another teacher's stuff all over my classroom. I walked down to the office to ask the principal if the old teacher wasn't done moving yet, but she was done. She moved all the way to Texas and left everything for me. Wasn't she nice? So now I have to clean out the classroom before I can move my stuff in. What a pain:( However, I was pleasantly surprised to see 7 computers in my classroom. I have my own mini-lab and it works! I guess with a little sweet you usually have to have a little sour.
I am excited to move, but the crazy teacher dreams have already begun; the one where I show up late to school on the first day and I am teaching with a smile on my face until I look down and realize I forgot to put pants on. I'm thinking in the back of my mind that maybe the students haven't noticed yet, but they will any minute so I better do something. The rest of the dream consists of me trying to get home but getting lost with every turn I take. My other favorite teacher dream is when I am sleeping peacefully and get a call from the school. It is the first day and why am I not at school yet. I rush to my classroom, burst through the door and there are so many desks that I can't walk through the classroom. I have to climb through the maze of desks until I reach the front of the room (which is weird because the door was at the front of the room). While I'm stumbling there the students are jumping off the counters and yelling and screaming and I can't control anything. Honestly, you have to love Teacher Anxiety. Hopefully as the summer proceeds I will sleep peacefully again.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Birthday Mania at my House

I did not plan for my three children very well. They all have their birthdays within 2 weeks of each other. My 1 year old's b-day and May 20th, my 9 year old's is June 4th, and my 6 year old's is June 5th. Needless to say "Birthday Mania" is just ending at my house. We had a small family party for the baby. My 9 year old didn't get a party this year (It is just too darn hard to do 2 birthdays back to back every year, so they only get a party every other year). Since he didn't get a party, we still had to do something fun to celebrate. We ended up inviting cousins and going to a bounce place called Jumping Jacks and having a sleepover.
My daughter is the one who had the full-blown B-Day Party. We planned for a water party, but the weather cancelled it out. Instead we had all her friends wear their PJs and bring a pillow and we did a pretend slumber party. The girls were all actually very good, and we had a blast playing games, dressing up in silly outfits, having a dance party, painting fingernails, and unfortunately for the girl's parents, painting our faces with pink frosting from the cupcakes (that dye they put in bakery frosting is pretty much permanent). I did not give them permission for that last part, but expect the unexpected when it comes to 6 year olds. Tomorrow, Sunday, we are having all the family over for a big BBQ to wrap it all up. Then (*sigh*) we are all done for one more year. Once birthday season is over my summer really begins. Whew!

Schools Out For Summer!

So school just let out last week and I have to say "WooHoo" with a small mixture of "BooHoo". Every year I fall in love with my school class and right when we are really clicking and know each other in and out, school ends. Then you have to start all over again the next year. That is the worst part about being a teacher. Well that and grading papers all the time. The upside is that now I have the whole summer to spend with my own children. I get to play Lego Indiana Jones with my 9 year old, create art work worthy for the refridgerator with my 6 year old, and play peek-a-boo and the "no-no" game with my 1 year old. Does it get any better than this?