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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Check it Out!

I haven't made it a secret that I am a writer. An unpublished one--but an author just the same. I've started up a new blog solely for the love of writing. I will still keep this blog--for family and friends who want to know how adorable my children are and that we ate at Pirate Island over the weekend. But to know the secret ponderings of my soul (ie. things I want to complain about, rejoice in, and basically give a shout out to) you'll have to check out my other blog.

I'm going to be having a contest in the next couple of weeks--so be watching and be ready to tell all your friends about it.

Happy Blogging!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

'UP' date

Here I am, back in the blogosphere, and sighing that I can't write about what I want to. My intention was to give everyone the 'down-low' on what's going on. However, with our country looking like its going to the crap-hole and everyone down-in-the-proverbial-dumps, I've decided to be a bit more upbeat...SO--dun dun dun, instead of the 'DOWN'-low, you are getting the 'UP'date.

All you want to know about Me!
1)First of all, I have been writing a book for the last year. It is the reason my blog has been so dismally employed of late. (Don't worry, that isn't the way I write in a book. :-) HOWEVER--I finally finished it...all of it. At least as much as I'm going to do until someone decides it is fabulous and pays me to publish it. I'm extremely proud of myself and never would have finished without some truly awesome people I call my "Writer's Group". I will definitely blog again when I actually acquire an agent and when it actually gets published, which it will, because it is an awesome story (cut me some slack--I'm trying to think positive thoughts and increase the positive energy around me.) These are some of my writing buds. You can tell that all we do is work,work,work...

2)Second of all, I have become a runner. Yes me, lover of greasy food, pastries, and lounging on the sofa. I actually just ran a 10K in my fastest time ever, one hour and fourteen minutes. I know that seems like it's slow. Frankly, it is. BUT--I did it! And today I can actually walk like a normal person, sort of. At least I can fake it until I'm all alone and can start limping again. It is also the farthest I've ever ran, (6.2miles) and it totally sucked! But I did it, and afterwards it didn't seem so suck-ish anymore, it felt good. My goal is to run a half-marathon this year. (Still can't bring myself to even want to consider a marathon.
3)And Third of all, I have had a new job this year being an Instructional Coach. Sounds sophisticated, but it really isn't. I'm at a turning point, because next year I could continue doing this or go back into the classroom. It's a toss up. I will be happy either way. I wouldn't mind hanging with my peeps (teacher friends) and my peepettes (students) again, but I also wouldn't mind never having to write a sub plan again. SO--yes, it's a conundrum. I'll let you know what happens.

All you wish you knew about TyGuy:
1)Ty is a kick-butt runner. Last year, he made it to the finals in the 100 meter run for the Hershey Track Meet in our region. Now he's set his sights higher. He ran the 10K I mentioned earlier in 52 minutes, basically making his mom look like a turtle on downers. After he finished, he cheered me on as I crossed the finish line. Not wanting to look like a lazy, I decided to sprint the rest of the way in true runner fashion. He came over to congratulate me and I said, "Did you see me sprint that last bit?". To which he answered, "That was sprinting? Oh, Okay. It didn't look like sprinting to me, but maybe it was for you. Good job, Mom." Wasn't he so nice as he crushed my hopes and dreams?
2)Basketball is one of Tyler's favorite sports to play. We lucked out this year, and Ty got a most excellent coach in little league basketball. This guy was amazing and taught Ty a ton of basketball-ish stuff. His team only lost one game the entire season, and they only lost that by 2 points. It was great kicking some butt for once, instead of walking away from every game saying "I know you lost by twenty points, but look how good you tried." (This is hard for me to do, the competetive person I am, but I do it if needs be. THANKFULLY, needs didn't need be this year)
3)Ty has never loved reading, BUT...this year he actually achieved it. I finally passed on my 'love-of-reading' gene to him. Whew, it was difficult handing over that trait after birth, but I did it. He is finally reading books 'just for fun'. I'm so proud of him. New Basketball!

All you thought you knew about Micks:
1) Micky is the consumate artist. During the winter she rolled some snowballs together, stuck twigs poking out all over them, and wound toilet paper through the branches--Her First Sculpture. Now our house is always abounding with markers, crayons, clay, tiny pieces of paper, and toys set up in an aestheticly pleasing way. She loves anything to do with art. Just look at her room and you'll be able to tell the paint runs deep in her veins. This creation is called 'Toys'

2)Another thing I love about Micks is how much she loves the outdoors. I swear if I bought her a tent she would willingly live in my backyard. Of course, she would still want her lipgloss, pink clothes, and jewelry, but she would do it. In the winter, she's building snowmen and snow sculptures, and in the summer, she's collecting pretty rocks and making sidewalk art. I have to threaten her to get her in the house everyday--Just like my mom had to when I was a little girl. :-)
3) The last tidbit about Micky is that she LOVES to sing. She is a good singer, but the only problem is that she can usually only remember 1 or 2 lines to an entire song. Because of this, we get to listen to the same things sung over and over and over again--Until, she thinks of a different song and sings two lines of that over and over. It is a cycle really, but I wouldn't trade it. That's how I know she's at home and not outside sleeping in the neighbor's tree (something she's actually asked about before).

The Indispensable AJ
1) AJ has been into this reading kick lately. He pulls out every book he can find and sits and flips through every single one. Then he runs off to play. It is great that he wants to expand his literary talent, but it leaves a huge mess a lot of the time. His favorite books to read are how-to and cooking books. Kind of funny, I know, but maybe he'll be the next 'Top Chef', and then I'll never have to cook dinner again. (something that will propell him to the top of my favorite child list). Reading a Halloween Cookbook

2) The other day, I couldn't find AJ. He had disappeared. Luckily, he's picked up a little bit on Micky's singing and I was able to locate him in the bathroom, sitting on the potty, and singing 'P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face'. He was right on key. As soon as I opened the door, he said, "Hey mom, you're here. Time to wipe me." SO--ta-dah, AJ is finally potty trained. It actually wasn't that hard. I know you all hate me for saying that, but it wasn't. Score one for me!...or I should say...him.
3)The last thing you should know about AJ is that you should never cross him. He has finally hit the 'temper tantrum' phase. Yay Me! Most of the time, the kid is just happy-go-lucky and hunky-dorry. EXCEPT--when you tease him, take his cars or trains, force him to ride in the cart at the grocery store, or make him come in the house at night. This means, he is still happy 25% of the time and yelling about something 75% of the time. Who am I kidding? He's even loud when he's happy. At least I will never lose him in a public place. I'll just stand still and hear, BEEP, BEEP, PHFFFT (that's spitting), P-P-P-POKER FACE, etc. He pretty much yells everything he speaks.

All about Jer--zzzzzzzz
1) Jerry has a job working graveyard shift now. He's actually been doing it for almost a year. I can honestly say I know why they call it 'graveyard' shift. After living with someone who is tired 90% of the time and grumpy the other 10%, you wish you could send the people who made up that shift 'TO-THE-GRAVEYARD'. It has been a major adjustment for us. Especially since AJ talks at 100 decibles. He's adjusting though, and someday soon, he might actually get a day job.
2) When not working or sleeping, Jerry has started a new hobby--Four Wheeling. He just got himself a four-wheeler. It is white and very nice looking. He takes it out and gets it filthy dirty, then comes home and washes it. This is a double-positive for him. If you don't know him, then you wouldn't know about his obsession with keeping the cars cleaned. Now, he has one more thing he can wash on Sunday afternoons. How Happy! (Hey, when you're a walking zombie, you take any happiness you can get) :-)
3) This is happy more for me, than for him...BUT--Jerry does the laundry now. I know, SHHHHHHHH...he would be so embarrassed if any of the guys at work knew. He does the laundry all the time now. He complains, but I have offered to trade him. I'll do the laundry and he can help the kids with homework, cook dinner, clean up the dinner mess, clean the rest of the house, etc. So far he hasn't taken me up on it. I don't want to sound ungrateful however. I HATE doing laundry and I'm so grateful he does it. (Is there anyone out there who likes it? Honestly, folding a load of different, but all-white socks should be what they make prisoners do in lockup.) THANKS BABE! I snapped this picture while Jerry was doing Laundry in his Sunday Clothes...Porn for women? Oh, yes!

And that's it. The UP-date on the Jordan family. Really I just never sent out Christmas Cards or Family Newsletters this year, so I had to catch up some way. :-) May your lives be as exciting as ours!