Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Day Late and a Gazillion Pictures Short

I'm a teacher. I know there is no such thing as 'a gazillion'. However, when I started looking at all the pictures I haven't uploaded yet, a billion or even a trillion just didn't seem to cut it. If you check out my blog (that is, you whole two people that ever look at it)you'll notice that my posting this summer was just plain pitiful. I can't write everything we did or I would be sitting here for a week, and frankly, I've got a book to write. So... here is my spewing of the basic facts of the Jordan Summer.
Micky and AJ working on their Model poses. Actually, when AJ saw Micky wearing this towel in this cool way, he had to be a part of it.
Ty and Jerry went on a Fathers and Sons campout with my dad's ward. Basically, the campout was off the charts lame, so this one picture just summarizes all the fun. :)
Andrew loves! trains. He has a borderline obsession. Here is he and Micky waiting their turn to ride the train.
On the train ride. We paid 3 bucks a piece for this. No wonder they had the train to themselves.
At least the train looks cute.
I was a little nervous about pools this year,H1N1 and all, so we bought a cheap pool. Ty and his friends still enjoyed it though.
Haha...Micky is more about the pose than what she is doing. She loves water, but she also likes looking cute in her swimsuit.
Andy wasn't sure if swimming was for him. His swim outfit was comfortable though. :)
Nothing fun to do this summer? Just plaster yourself with stickers. I actually love this picture because Andy is finally old enough to play with the kids.
He can play with them--that doesn't mean he should play with them. :)
Oh the joys of having a big brother. Ty and Andy in mid-wrestling match
Who will be triumphant? Probably the BIG brother. But at least they are BOTH smiling.
Proof that I am the coolest mom ever. I took my two older kids to the Jonas Brothers Concert in Vegas. This picture was taken at one o' clock in the morning.
A trip to Vegas is not complete without a trip to the Cheesecake Factory.
While Ty and I took our Vegas sign picture, this was McKayla. I really a good parent? Or is it child abuse when your daughter falls asleep in the middle of a concert she's supposed to be enjoying?
After the Jo Bro Concert--All the kids...that were still awake. :)
We Love The Jonas Brothers. This was before the concert and they were all decked in their Jo Bro outfits. The concert was actually really fun. I knew all the songs and could sing along to every one. SHHHH, don't tell anyone though. Anyone over the age of 16 should not know Jonas Brothers songs.
After the concert Micky just had to have some Jonas PJ's. Doesn't she look awesome?
Once again, it ain't a picture if there ain't a pose.
Moore Family Reunion here again. This is my whole crazy, loveable family. My family was actually in charge this year. We had a BLAST!
One hit of the reunion was our skit bags. This is me in my acting debut. Don't ask me what our skit was actually about.
I was in charge of the crafts for the reunion. Being the completely lazy person that I am, I went with craft that could be created with what we found around us. This was a mask we made with paper plates, leaves, and a few babbles.
Another hit was the pet rocks all the kids got to paint. They are sooo enjoying themselves.
I LOVE this picture. This is my nephew, Ethan. He just accidentally ate a bubble. Isn't that picture priceless?
Best cousins. These kids are practically brothers and sisters yet they still love being together.
This is a random pic. Andy trying on Jerry's shoes. I think I have pictures of all of my children doing this. This pic is especially special because he happened to have stitches in his lip. (check my earlier post for that detail)
Every summer we go to Payson park on Sunday nights and 'watch' the band concert. Usually the grown ups just sit around chatting the whole time and don't hear a word of the music. The kids make their own fun. This week, one of the nice people sitting by us gave them free glow sticks. They thought it was fabulous!
Another kid band concert highlight? Hitting a stick on the trees. FUN!
Fourth of Jyly is always spent in Nephi. Every year Ty tries to do the grease pole. He hasn't made it to the top yet, but he's getting closer.
This is a classic Micky pic. Love it!
Waiting for their turn to climb the grease pole. Do they look nervous?
Daddy and Andy--Making their own fun in Nephi park.
End of Summer. First day of school. It's grade 5 for Ty and grade 2 for Mick.
Hogle Zoo Carousel--We actually did this before school started, but I was just too lazy to change it.
This picture is so cute. I wanted to post the one before it though. It actually captured the essense of what it is like to take photos of kids. The extra cute add-on is my pretend niece Jazzy. She is my cousin's daughter, but I just call her my niece.
Here is Andy's turn on the carousel. He LovEd It!
Ty petting a sting ray at the Living Planet Aquarium.
The awesome part of the Aquarium, the Amazon Rain Forest section. I could stay here for hours.
Isn't this pose to die for? He sat like this throughout the entire aquarium, like he was watching a TV show or something. I loved it.
My sista Teresa graduated with a Master's Degree in the Fall. I was so proud of her. She is an awesome sister and is almost too smart for me now. :)

Well, that's it. If you are reading this, GET A LIFE! Just kidding. Hope you enjoyed the summer exhale of pictures. Don't you wish your family was as cool as we? See ya!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 14th

Jerry and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary on September 15th. How can time go so quickly on some weeks and seem to have lasted an eternity on other weeks? It reminds me of one of my very favorite books; 'A Lantern in Her Hand' by: Bess Streeter Aldrich. When Abbie Deal's true love comes home from the Civil War and asks her to be his wife. The dialogue goes like this:

"I was afraid all the time, Will"
Will held her close, smoothed her red-brown hair.
Afraid of what, Abbie girl?
"I don't know. Just Afraid."
"You're not afraid with me?"
"Not with you, Will. Why is that?"
"Because I love you and you love me."
"Yes, that's it... and I'm not afraid."
"Of life with me, Abbie-girl?"
"Not of anything, Will, with you."
"And you'll always love me?"
"Always Will, this life and the next."

So you understand...this was my vision of what love was as a young teenage girl. Always thinking life held a fairy tale ending for any one who wanted one. Imagine my surprise, when I realized there is no ending and that sometimes you are afraid, and sometimes things go wrong. Maybe Jerry and I don't have a book-ending kind of marriage, but these are all the things I love about my husband.
-He let's me be me. Even when I'm being a bit of a Bee-otch.
-He has worked nights for nine years just so our children won't have to go to daycare.
-He is a hard worker and makes our home and yard look awesome.
-He still thinks I'm hot even though I look so much different than I did when we first got married.
-He is willing to sing really loud in car with me.
-He has given me a love of classic rock(something I didn't think I'd ever want, let alone appreciate)
-He is a wonderful dad.
-He takes me on FUN vacations.
-He still holds my hand even though I know he hates holding hands because he thinks he has sweaty palms.
-He does the laundry and the dishes, and only complains about it once in a while.
-He has a hilarious belly laugh (if you haven't heard it, you really should)
and last but most important...
-He loves me.
Thanks Jer, for fourteen great years. We've had our ups and downs, but I'm glad I've experienced those highs and lows with you.