Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What I've Been Up To

1 entire roll of unrolled toilet paper...$0.90
1 box of cereal emptied all over the kitchen floor...$3.95
1 tube of little girls lipgloss drawn on carpet...$2.95
1 entirely unraveled brand new package of dental floss...$1.88
1/2 bottle of hand santizer to clean the kitchen table...$2.50
3 children's books ripped to shreads...$24.00
An 18 mo. old being able to accomplish this in a one week period of time...priceless

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Couple of Bucket List Additions

These little updates will be popping up here and there on how I'm doing so far in the bucket list. No cross offs yet, but a couple of additions.
21. Go through the temple with my husband...again. Confession time is that we haven't been back to the temple together since we got married. Hopefully we will go back one day.
22. Get a bigger, nicer, more fun house. (I know it is kind of worldly, but I would love to be able to fit a pool table or ping pong table in my house one day. This will never happen in my current house.)

Flu Fun!

Today is the last day of Christmas Break. I can't say that I am especially sad to see it gone. We really didn't DO anything this break. We had the usual Christmas fanfare, and went to a movie...but that is about it. To round up the fun my youngest got the stomach flu on New Years night and is just recovering from it today. EWWWW...I swear that this kid has had more stomach flu than the whole rest of our family combined. The interesting thing with this is that the throw up scares me to death. I know, it's crazy, but it seriously doesn't gross me out, it freaks me out. I am truly afraid of this. I told my hubby that this is an honest to goodness phobia for me, and he laughed. However, I looked it up and it is an actual phobia, and is actually in the top 10 phobias that people have. So I am a weirdo, but not, if you know what I mean. This means, if you are ever around me and mention that you have had the pukes, I will back up about 10 steps aways from you, and I won't be joking. It won't be my fault that I treat you like a pariah, I just HATE THROW UP. I've decided that God has given me this little boy who throws up every other week as a way to overcome my fear. If I could just get my breathing under control and stop the anxiety, I would be great. Until then...I will just deal with this horror...and start looking for plastic bubbles on Ebay. The whole hamster wheel thing is starting to sound pretty good right now.
Don't laugh...This could soon be me! Bubble Boy's mom.