Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow...Oh Who Am I Kidding?

I've been absent from the blog-o-sphere of late and have been feeling a little guilty about it, worrying that all those billions of people who read my blog would be missing me, when lo and behold, I see that no one has been reading my blog.

It makes me feel, oh I don't know, like that 25 page research paper you are forced to write in high school. You know the teacher is never going to read it, but you still work so hard making it look good. However, you slip in that one little line...'and you are probably not even reading this paper so I'm just going to say that you suck'--when, sure as shootin', you get your paper back with a large 'EXCELLENT' on the front and nothing else written throughout the entire paper.

That...is my blog.

And you know what?

I am perfectly okay with that. Because I have been writing...and writing...and writing, and I am loving it! I am now up to almost 55,000 words. I'm on chapter 18 and I'm half way to finishing my first novel. (Well the first draft of it anyway) I feel so accomplished. I've also started my list of 'Top 20 people I want to be my Literary Agent'.

So...I'm feeling an ackward pause...like when you meet that person you were good friends with 10 years ago, but haven't spoken to since, and now you've just finished up your small talk with them and don't know how to say "I gotta go."

Therefore, let me end with the classic..."I know, I know. We need to see each other more often. It's been too long. Yes, Yes, I'll call you." *kiss kiss hug hug* (Don't speak again for another 10 years)

*Really, I might post again soon, but if history repeats itself, it will probably just be with the classic 'Christmas pictures' no one else cares about but me. Oh, and certainly my list of things I'm thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving...you know, the usual. :-) Ta ta