Monday, May 25, 2009

Side Note

So my husband, being the sometimes cheapskate that he is, told me we should just make AJ's cake this year. Why pay $16-$20 dollars for a bakery made cake, when you can cheaply make one from home. Well here is my answer to this question... Would you rather eat this?or this? Yes folks, this is my pathetic excuse for a cake, and no a five year old did not make it. I would also like to thank the makers of You totally saved me on my busy day of baking. After using your entirely cement like frosting on my son's cake, I didn't have to squeeze in my weight lifting session for the day. Easy Squeeze? For who? Professional Body Builders? I have a new slogan for you... 'We Build Cakes, and Muscles' :)

Little Man Turns 2!

I can't believe my little Andy has actually turned two. His birthday came in with quite a bang and a turn with the stomache flu. Because of this, we had to postpone his birthday party. I was tempted to go exchange his present for that bubble I talked about in an earlier post, but decided that his bike would have to do. We had a small party on Saturday (though his birthday was earlier in the week), and he got some cute clothes, oh sorry, totally manly clothes, and some cars.

Because it is his birthday and he is growing up so fast I wanted to reflect on those things he can do today that he couldn't do just one year ago. In no particular order:
1) Say "Mommy, I yant that"
2) Try to go potty (he actually went for the first time the day before his birthday, but he sort of missed- oh well, I wouldn't want to have to navigate those waters if I were a guy)
3) Talk on the phone
4) Clean up the milk he spills (of course he just spills it again, but at least he tries)
5) Throw a mean temper tantrum
6) Devise distraction methods when he really wants something (like make a mess in the bathroom and while you clean it up sneak his own fruit snacks in the kitchen)
7) Pull the kitchen chairs into any room he wants to in order to reach things up high.
8) Say he loves me and will see me later when I drop him off at the babysitter
9) Dance like there's no one watching, but of course we all are watching (it's cute)
10) Fake cry (the boy is destined for stardom, he can even squeeze out fake tears)
11) Sing songs he hears on the radio
12) Come home from the babysitter and say "Tyty, Kay-ya, I'm home!"
13) Say "Daddy go work now?" seventeen times, even after he just watched Jerry walk out the door to go to work
14) Play with cars for at least an hour (I can actually get things done once in a while)
15) Help daddy with yard work
16) Pretend to drive the car and say "Bye, bye mom, I go work now"
17) Watch at least half of a video without getting into trouble
18) Love Mickey Mouse (Yay, he takes after his mom)
19) Copy almost anything he hears you or anyone else on TV say
and finally...
20) Give me hugs and kisses (this is big for him- he is not a cuddly kind of guy)

We love you Andy... And let the Terrible Twos commence!

Here are some random pics of his birthday party. They are pretty much hideous, reminding me once again how badly I need a new camera, and that I need to be the photographer. Jerry never gets closeups.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Photo Op

My awesome friend Jill took these adorable pictures of the family. I am truly amazed she could get anything this good. Andrew was a stinker times thirty and wouldn't sit still for three seconds. I can't believe how old my kids are getting, especially since I have just consistently stayed the same age for the last four years. Weird? Yes... But not impossible. :) Enjoy looking at my beautiful family and don't be jealous of my youthfulness. You can have this same georgeousness too, with not too many products. (If you are wondering if I am joking, just check out some of my earlier posts. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Staycation Spring Break

Spring break happens around here in mid-April, not May. However, I have currently been trying to be as lazy as I possibly can and am now just posting what we did for Spring Break this year. My fingers are already cramping up from the use. Therefore, in as shortened version as possible, here are our break highlights.
-Wednesday sat around being bored, decided to have another part of my varicose veins fixed on Thursday in the hopes I would get some good painkillers, and be in a tired stupor the rest of the time.
-Thursday, alas, legs feel perfectly fine. No painkillers needed at all. *SIGH* have to actually plan something fun to do.
-Friday, trip to the Living Planet Aquarium near the point of the mountain. Turns out to be not as lame as I thought it might be. Bought a season pass since I could pretty much sit and watch fish in a tank all day. Very relaxing! That is until I lose my "almost" two year old for 20 minutes. Find him playing in a fake canoe, completely not worried at all that he hasn't seen us for while. (*Note: my husband took this photo. I actually try to get people's faces when I take pictures. :)
After aquarium go to the Mayan for dinner. Once again, food is, how do I put this politely...barfy. However, get best seats in the house, kids have a blast, ends up being a very fun night.

-Saturday, trip to the Ogden Dinosaur Park w/Grandpa and Grandma, cousins, and Mindi and Jason. Andy is a crazy 2 year old the whole time, until I make him "scared" of the dinosaurs, then good. Nice day, lots of sun, Grandpa tries driving a different way and takes an hour longer getting home than he needs to (my dad has done this since I was little, so not a surprise, unfortunately). Another fun day.

-Sunday, recover from all the greatness. Start planning my Staycation for next year.